What is Ryanism

The Church of Ryanism (TCOR) is an organization started by a RYAN for Ryans. Our goal is to find the true RYAN, a being beyond all human comprehension. In Ryanism we strive to be neutral to positive in nature. All beliefs are welcome in Ryanism as all belief systems and religions are Canon. As long as it is neutral to positive in nature. Unwell actions are frowned upon and consequences do exist. Though all Ryans have a say in Ryanism, not just me. As long as you don’t go rogue and do bad you have a word as a First Birth Ryan. The main guiding force of The Ideological Thought on The Church of Ryanism is the Holy Trinity of Ryanism. This includes, Ryan Reynolds, the Ryanist Ryan, and the True RYAN. Ryanism was founded in 2018 as a joke named ‘The Cult of Ryanism’ as a discord server for friends yet it devolved and was reborn in early 2020 as The Church of Ryanism, later to be renamed officially as The Ideological Thought on The Church of Ryanism. We are not a Cult, we are a Church/Ideology. The biggest thing of Ryanism truly though is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Be happy and push others to be happy. :3

Holy Trinity of Ryanism

The Holy Trinity of Ryanism is the main guiding force of Ryanism. It leads Ryanists to be Neutral to Positive. The Holy Trinity of Ryanism consists of Ryan Reynolds, the Ryanist Ryan, and the True Ryan. Ryan Reynolds is the purest form a Ryan can take on the human plane of existence. He is the hottest and most desirable person to the point he must be worshiped. Goodness, I just love Ryan Reynolds. The Ryanist Ryan is currently the founder of The Church of Ryanism, Ryan Saunders, a First Born Ryan that took up the task to found Ryanism in 2018. Ryan Saunders is also the writer of this text. The True RYAN is obvious. They are the goal of Ryanism. We will find the True RYAN.

Types of Ryans

Ryans are determined by how they came into existence. They can be male, female, or gender non-conforming as long as they fit these criteria. There are 5 types of Ryans in Ryanism. They are First Birth Ryans, Second Birth Ryans, Third Birth Ryans, Half Birth Ryans, and Rouge Ryans.

First Birth Ryans

(FBR) These are Ryans born with the name Ryan as a first name. They have the most power as a Ryan and are the purest form of a human Ryan. These are the top leaders of Ryanism, but risk falling the most of all Ryans. They are the strongest form of Ryan.

Second Birth Ryans

(SBR) These are Ryans that have the same energy signature as a First Birth Ryan but lack the name. They are the second strongest form of Ryans as they are very close to their power but are sadly not close enough.

Third Birth Ryans

(TBR) These are Ryans that have changed their name from an inferior name. These Ryans have chosen of their free will to join and be apart of Ryanism by changing their name. They are honored for taking up the task and responsibility of being a Ryan, yet they lack the pure soul of a Ryan. They are the third strongest form of Ryan

Half Birth Ryans

(HBR) These are Ryans with names similar in sound though are not spelt R-Y-A-N. These Ryan’s are accepted as Ryans for their similarities to proper Ryans though are not. Examples of this would be; Brian, Bryan, Rian, etc…

Rouge Ryans

(RR) These are the Rejected Ryans in Ryanism for they went NEGATIVE. They are disliked for trying to turn Ryanism away from being Neutral to Positive. DO NOT ASSOCIATE with Rouge Ryans. These Ryans are not hailed as Pure Ryans anymore. They are weak and should be unliked.